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Solar & Renewable Services

With an established company history within the electrical and solar industry,  we work with only the highest quality international standard solar photovoltaic energy systems, panels and equipment national-wide to both the residential and commercial sectors.

As we environmentally aim to sustain a better way of life through solar energy systems, our solar energy initiative is to enable a sustainable and cost effective way to make your contribution not just to the environment but for the protection of future rising power costs.

With over a decade of experience in providing high quality electrical contracting we deploy extensive experience in motor control, automation, PLC, commercial, domestic, telecommunications and batching systems.

Our solar system services & kits include, but are not limited to;

  • Off Grid – Stand Alone Systems
  • Grid Connect Solar Systems
  • Grid Interactive with Battery Backup
  • Solar Power for Motor Homes, Caravans or Boats
  • Solar Schools Program
  • Remote Power Supply (fully customisable Miniature Remote Area Power Supplies)
  • Solar Pump Systems
  • Lighting Systems (Complete solar lighting solutions for your home)
  • Solar LED Light Kits


With versatility within our installation abilities, we can provide an all-round customized solar solution to meet your needs at all times.

Whatever your needs at home or industrial, we have a solution.