India’s first and only


HLI (Home Lovers International) is an innovative home & commercial service provider with a blended version of both Eastern and Western lifestyles under one umbrella. Established in India, Home Lovers International is part of AICA Engineering (Australia) Pty Ltd under the jurisdiction of AICA Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd and Manjoorans Group as a legal entity. HLI is a market leader in its own right in India with a new exclusive service model for domestic housing industry for various trade services. The commercial arm of HLI provides electrical, procurement and renewable energy engineering services(solar panels) that involves design, installation, maintenance and commissioning. Housing service industry is one of the most demanding and fastest growing business sectors of the economy, and HLI acknowledges the demand and determines to meet the requirements of the industry by taking advantage of our expertise and bringing in a combined wealth of experience from our Australian (AICA Group) Engineering specialists and India’s leading education and training provider (Manjoorans group).


HLI Management with their wealth of experience is determined to bring in the modern western lifestyle to your home using a wide array of skilled personnel to provide the highest quality of workmanship with reliability and top notch products.

Established in India within a short period, HLI has built an enviable reputation that brings a wealth of experience gained in Australia through our engineering arm that caters to diverse business sectors of:


  • Electrical
  • Plumbing (Water, Drainage, Plumbing, Gas Services)
  • Renewable energy (Solar or Wind)
  • Telecommunications
  • Hygiene (Cleanliness, Pest control)
  • Health & Insurance
  • Facilities Management

We pride on giving you highly qualified tradesmen at reasonable prices and quotes. Our hotline is available 24/7 where our experienced personal will cater to your needs and discuss your job specifications prior to allocating an appropriate trades person to best match your work and schedule the job for the nearest available time slot.

Our skilled management and trades-personnel are able to efficiently coordinate the entire process from your initial enquiry to the job completion phase. A seamless job-process is guaranteed and always conducted in the utmost professional manner. Above all, it ensures the job is completed as scheduled, work standard is highly maintained, and disruption to the client is at a very minimum.

Tradespeople are invited to join our team and must follow the HLI code of conduct i.e. our ‘Hire-A-Tradesman’ code of conduct.

Please browse through our service section or give us a call to have chat with our friendly staff fluent in both English & Malayalam.

Whatever needs you require, we can provide.


Our tradesmen and handymen are :

  • Professional in Communication,
  • Reliable & Honest,
  • Committed & Dedicated,
  • Enthusiastic

Our tradespeople demonstrate appropriate skill levels in their chosen trade and commit to Continual Professional Development on a regular basis. They also have the appropriate insurance coverage and the correct certification.



 1.HLI administration contacts the relevant tradesman with the details of your job requirement and contact information.

2.Our tradesman then has the professional option of accepting or rejecting the work.

3.The tradesman that accepts the job communicates with you immediately to discuss, schedule, and get the job done by coordinating with our HLI network ASAP.

This process enables you to directly deal with a specific tradesperson that genuinely works with you step-by-step to guarantee the job is done accordingly and properly until it’s completed to your satisfaction.




At ‘Hire-A-Tradesmen’, we are a transparent company that wants to hear from you, our customers.

Our communication lines are open so we can attend to your suggestions for improvements.

If you have something on your mind, please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss or suggest your views and opinions.

Our friendly and qualified HLI staff are always ready to hear you and cater to your needs.

Tradespeople are invited to join our team and must follow the HLI code of conduct, i.e. our ‘Hire-A-Tradesman’ code of conduct.